2017-2019 challenge the future together: a new challenge for the future, together.OMP is a reliable partner, able to offer a wide range of machining capabilities and services to those Companies and market sectors looking for decreasing the number of suppliers and sub-suppliers, cost savings, quality, control and traceability of the whole production processes. 
OMP obtained international recognition in 2019 CRIBIS Prime Company, the highest level of reliability in terms of trade relations.

2008-2016: OMP certifies the complete management and the traceability of each phase along the whole supply chain, including raw materials, machining, surface and heat treatments and functional assembling.Precision and reliability are the key points which, together with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Pianzi Family, lead to an excellent service and quality of the product. Those are the reasons why OMP has become a leader in production of mechanical components in several market sectors such as: automotive, industrial and agricultural vehicles, earthmoving and building, power transmission, fluid and hydraulic, pneumatic and many more.

In 2005 opened a second operational plant so called OMP Sistem srl, based 150 km north, in the province of Vicenza, specialized in turning and milling machine technologies.

2004 OMP was rewarded of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000  certificate, Vision 2008, by the DNV certification body.

In 2000 OMP moved to a new headquarter, still the actual, 5500 square meters,based in the city of San Martino in Rio, enlarging the range of turning machines up to 5 axes, mobile headstocks (horizontal/vertical), milling centers, drilling centers, inside and outside diameter grinding, slotting, broaching, polishing, sandblasting, assembling and testing of mechanical and hydraulic components.

OMP, was founded in 1990 as a turning Company specialized in precision engineering. Soon it became a very important partner and leading Company in manufacturing parts for the fluid and hydraulic market sector, widely present in the region of Reggio Emilia and surrounding.

2019 CRIBIS Prime Company